A Nigerian woman has admitted to being put in a family way by her pastor and also a meat seller

The woman and her husband were guests on a radio program where she made the shocking revelations

According to her, four of their six children belong to her pastor

A Nigerian mum of six has admitted to cheating on her husband and getting pregnant for different men.

The woman disclosed it on a radio program, Kokoro Alate, which she attended with her estranged husband.

An X user, also a human rights lawyer, Olóyè T.D Esq, shared an excerpt from the video of the radio program showing when the woman admitted to having kids for other men.

Olóyè expressed shock at her confessions and wondered what was happening.

In the clip, the woman confirmed to the show’s host that four of her kids belong to her pastor.

While revealing in Yoruba that her husband only has one, she confirmed that the remaining child belongs to a meat seller.