The first thing everyone should understand is that your name is your wealth in Abroad.

Learning skills is a side hustle, it is basically form of building one’s name in abroad.
And one of the mistakes people make when they’ve arrived in Abroad is that focus on unimportant things and see them as the most important things.

These things made a lot of people go from million to zero despite many years in Abroad.
The system of Abroad is different from the system of Nigeria, electricity is stable in Abroad.
They are upgrading every day, they never stay where they were yesterday, they keep improving every day.

If you are new Abroad, first and foremost, you must know how to rank your name, to make it to be at a higher caliber before pursuing anything.
Don’t let money make you forget the first goal.

Don’t run away from buying things on credit, no matter how small it is, it might be in TESCO, once you use the card make sure you repay on time from there they will be monitoring you. (You are building trust).

No one can become a millionaire in Abroad without building his name.
Your name is your wealth (use your name, build your name).

Don’t be in a hurry to make it Abroad, no shortcut anywhere.

We are subjected to growth, we are growing/aging every day, don’t use your life as if tomorrow will not come.

Don’t allow the benefits in Abroad to overwhelm you and forget where you come from and where you are going.

It will be of your own expedient to open current and savings accounts (save every week or month)

Invest much in your future, old age will tell

There are some days you will need little cash, make sure you push some cash into your savings account, that will save you in a day you never expected, and it will help you not to borrow money from your enemy.

If you don’t have savings and you are new to the system, it’s just one deceiving himself.

Make sure you work with your real name, it is also one of the crucial parts.

Build yourself, invest in yourself, and make everything about you real even your name on social media.

Everything in Abroad is transparent, and there must be transparency in you too.

There are courses you can do to upgrade yourself, do the one you can afford, and do legit online business.

If you upgrade yourself, you will have self-boldness.
In school, they will teach you your rights.

Also, don’t be ingrate to people who helped you there, be grateful to them.

If you plan it well with the help of God all will be fine.

Lastly, eat good food, and invest in yourself.
#it shall be well with us.